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Sabian Cymbal Vote 2013/2014

Posted by Maisie . on 13th September 2013

Vote Vote Vote

Okay, so I’ve put a little intro/blurb together first as I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a long (but interesting, obvs) blog post!

In this blog post I’m going to be talking about this years Sabian cymbal vote, including ways to vote, why you should vote, what you can win and also what happens when you buy Sabian cymbals from Drumshop…

So where so I start?!

The Sabian Cymbal Vote is in progress right now and runs until 31st October 2013. There are 12 new cymbals to choose from, and you can vote for up to 4 at one time (but you can vote everyday until the competition ends… So basically, keep voting for your favourite cymbals and each time you vote, you’re 1 step closer to winning!)

What’s it all about?

So, the idea is that you try all 12 cymbals out for yourself and then choose your favourites… Today, Sabian rep, Andy has been in store setting up the VOTE booth with all 12 cymbals, complete with QR codes for quick and easy voting! These special cymbals will be with us for the next week ONLY, so make sure you come in store and take them for a spin before Thursday 19th September. The worlds 'favourite 4’ will then be put into production and added to Sabian’s new for 2014 cymbals, available for everyone to purchase, and because you were part of the cymbal vote, you’re in with a chance of winning these prototype cymbals!

How do I vote?

  • Vote online via
  • Or Vote via text to +442033224008
You can also join the campaign on twitter by # your favourite cymbal names! The cymbals are as follows;


  • 21” AAX Groove Ride – #GROOVERIDE
  • 21” HHX Smoky Ride – #SMOKYRIDE
  • 10” HHX Attack Splash – #ATTACKSPLASH
  • 14” AAX Freq Hats – #FREQHATS
  • 19” AAX Tremor – #TREMOR
  • 14” Xs20/B8 Pro Combat Hats – #COMBATHATS
  • 14” B8 Pro Assault Hats – #ASSAULTHATS
  • 16”/18”/20” AA Raw Bell Crash – #RAWBELLCRASH
  • 16”/18”/20” AAX ISO Crash – #ISOCRASH
  • 20” AAX X-Plosion Ride – #XPLOSIONRIDE
  • 18” AA Sick Hats – #SICKHATS


Come into Drumshop and take a photo and/or video of your favourite cymbal from the vote, post it on Twitter and use the #tag’s above so Sabian can find it! Sabian are searching for #tags daily, choosing their favourite photos and videos and uploading them to the website and Facebook. If your picture or video is chosen to go onto Facebook you’re in with yet another chance of winning yet another prize! Whoever gains the most likes will win the cymbal that they’ve pictured! Make sure you stand out, the most unique/different/inventive the better!

Another Incentive…

Sabian are offering another cymbal-winning competition for all UK Sabian customers! Buy any Sabian cymbal (from XS20 +) from Drumshop UK between now and the 31st October 2013 to be in with a chance of winning ALL 12 of last years cymbal prototypes from the 2013 cymbal vote! So you’re in with a chance of winning the 4 winning cymbals from last year, plus the other 8 which didn’t make it to production, meaning them extremely rare, collectable cymbals worth over £2,000.

What are you waiting for?!

Come into Drumshop UK before next Thursday 19th, try out the cymbals, take photos, videos, vote, tweet, Facebook, and remember to add the cymbalvote tags and also tag @drumshop and #drumshop, so we can see what your favourites are too!

P.s. Don’t worry if you don’t get chance to come in and try the cymbals out… You can still vote! Check out the cymbal vote website for demo videos of all the cymbals to help you make your choice!

Good Luck!

Sabian Cymbal Vote Cymbal at Drumshop UK

Sabian Cymbal Vote Cymbal at Drumshop UK

Getting ready for Sabian Cymbal Vote 2014 at Drumshop UK

Sabian Cymbal Vote B8 Aero crash cymbal at Drumshop UK

Sabian Cymbal Vote AAX groove ride cymbal, AA stick hi hats at Drumshop UK

2014 Sabian Cymbal Vote at Drumshop UK

Sabian Cymbal Vote AA Raw bell crash cymbal at Drumshop UK

Sabian Cymbal Vote Freq hi hats at Drumshop UK