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Behind The Scenes At Drum Shop UK

Posted by Maisie . on 19th December 2012

Drum Shop UK Update…

We’ve all been mega busy the last few weeks preparing for Christmas at Drum Shop UK so I thought I’d share what’s been going on…

The shop is definitely feeling festive with the Christmas tunes, Christmas tree at the entrance and tinsel in the office!

Drum Shop UK Royal Mail Christmas Deliveries


The guys from dispatch have been staying back late every night to make sure the deliveries are in order and everyone gets their parcels on time! The dispatch shelves are full with stock ready to be picked, packed, wrapped and posted to our customers all around the world!

The beginner drum kits are flying out the door with brands such as Sonix, CB Drums and Mapex leading top. We’re glad to see so many new drummers making their first steps into the drumming world this Christmas… We’re sure they wont be disappointed when they open a brand new shiny drum kit on Christmas day!


We’ve had a huge delivery of RAW snare drums, a new brand here at Drum Shop UK, and they’re proving popular already, despite them only being here a week or so!

The Istanbul Mehmet cymbals have been the highest sellers out of any brand we sell. We have a wide variety of the Mehmet cymbals in stock, so many people have popped in store to try them out and fell in love with them! There’s an Istanbul cymbal to suit everyone, with 8 series currently available including Traditional, Radiant, Session, Signature & more!

Stocking Fillers!

We’ve also noticed many smaller items selling well this year including ear protectors, kickports and our very own drumsticks keyring. I’ve included a list below of some popular stocking filler products!

  • Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing Protection System
  • Doc’s Blue Pro Plugs
  • Kickport Products
  • DSUK Drumstick Keyring
  • Drum Dial
  • Evans Vintage Drum Head Pack With Evans T-Shirt
  • Istanbul Mehmet Tote Bag
  • Danmar Products
  • LP Products


The Pre-Loved section is always being filled with second hand, ex-display and ex-demo bargains!
  • Pre-Loved Drum Kits
  • Pre-Loved Hardware
  • Pre-Loved Cymbals
  • Odd Drums
Check out the links below for Facebook & Twitter, follow for daily updates, bargains and new products :)
Drum Shop UK Facebook
@Maisie_Drumshop Twitter
@Mehmetcymbals Twitter
Maisie :)
LP display Drumshop UK

Drum Dial Drumshop UK

Christmas at Drumshop UK

Drumshop Warehouse

Drumshop Fragile Tape

Christmas at Drumshop UK

Christmas at Drumshop UK

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