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DW Performance 5-Piece in Black Mirra- SOLD

Posted by Mick Common on 22nd May 2012

Big Thank You to Michael!

Firstly let me apologise to you all and especially Michael about the time it has taken to write this blog. Michael came into Drum Shop UK nearly two weeks ago and left with DW Performance in Black Mirra and what an awesome drum kit he has got. So, yeah… Michael came into the shop and bought the beautiful DW Performance from us here at Drum Shop UK, just before he left I got a couple of photographs of him with the actual DW drum kit. I also asked Michael a couple of questions about himself and his reasons for buying the DW Performance…

Drum Workshop Performance Black Mirra Drum Kit

me: How you got into drumming?

Michael: “What got me started on drumming is always having a drum kit their from a young age, I did not start doing my drum lessons until the age of 13, I picked it up quite fast and it felt natural fo me to play. Got to say my inspiration has to come from John Bonham, John Fred Young, Jojo Mayer, Chad Smith, Bernard Purdie, Joe Morello, Todd Sucherman, Daniel Adair, Tony Royster Jr, Niel Peart, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Augusto, Chris Adler and Dave Grohl”.

me: Why did you choose the DW Performance in Black Mirra?

Michael: “Well I chose this DW Performer series kit because of the singing tone the toms give out, plus that booming bass drum what just sounds amazing to my ears. I love the colour as well Black Mirra finish it sparkles”.

me: Are you playing in any bands at the moment?

Michael: “If you want to check out my band here is a link to our Facebook page
“This is our reverbnation band page click play on ‘the viewing’ to listen to our song” THE VIEWING

me: Do you have any up and coming gigs we should know about?

Michael: “We have a few gigs coming up in June on the 13th at Gateshead the black bull Musgrave Rd Gateshead, UK NE9 501914781271 from 8.00pm – 11.00pm all ages, 28th The telegraph Orchard Street Newcastle upon Tyne,TYNE NE1 3NY from 7,30 – 10.30 all ages”.
I guess that covers it..! So, thank you once again Michael and we wish you and your band the best of luck for the future.. Also, we hope to see you soon!!

If you want to see our DW Drum Kits CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading.

MC :)

Michael James DW drum kit

Michael James DW drum kit at Drumshop UK

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