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Andy's Blog Yamaha Day

Posted by Andy Anderson on 25th August 2011

Tony Cox from Yamaha drums UK pops in for a visit.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day and I had a visit from a dear friend Tony Cox who is the Yamaha drum specialist and UK manager for Yamaha Music UK. Tony came up to the shop to discuss our display area for Yamaha Drums, hardware and snare drums. We spent most of the day discussing the new products Yamaha have and the items which we have never really stocked (until now). We have a lot of Yamaha drum kits in stock including all the new Yamaha DTX electronic drum kits which are selling really well at the moment. I sat down with Tony and order a lot of the Yamaha snare drums including the signature series drums.

Tony Cox from Yamaha Drums at Drum Shop UK

A small selection of snare drums ordered are the Yamaha Stage Custom snare drums, the ever popular Musashi Oak 12” x 6” fitted with Groove Wedge and the 13” x 6.5”, the Yamaha Akiro Jimbo signature series snare drum, the Roy Haynes snare drum in copper, Yamaha Manu Katche signature snare drum which is very similar to the Ludwig black beauty in sound, Yamaha Steve Jordan signature series in maple, Anton Fig maple in high gloss black with wood hoops signature snare drum.

I also ordered some of the fantastic Yamaha Club Custom which is selling very nicely, at first when I saw these kits at Yamaha show in Los Angeles I was very impressed until I found out the price! However I eat my words by stating at the time that they are too expensive, this is a quality musical instrument and different to anything I have seen Yamaha do before, the look and sound are both incredible. I have a few which I will be adding to the website within the next few days, we have a few in stock.

I also managed to bag a couple of bargains from Tony which were two Yamaha Stage Custom Birch kits in Cranberry Red. These kits are ex demo and are 20” x 17” bass drum, 10” x 8” Tom 14” x 14” floor tom with a 14” x 5.5 snare drum for only £450.00, a great second drum kit or a small gigging kit.

As ever Drum Shop UK have in stock the Yamaha Recording custom limited edition kits which I cannot get any more so well worth a look.

Thanks for reading my blog.


Manu katche Signature Series snare drum

Tony Cox Yamaha Drums at Drumshop UK

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