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Spotlight - BR Distribution

Posted by Andy Anderson on 10th November 2010

Blow out stock – Big Fat Blowout

Drum Shop UK presents BR Distribution.

Drum Shop UK invaded BR Distribution Company in County Durham to grab some super bargains and a set of Istanbul cymbals for this months competition. This is where we come to hand pick all Craviotto, Istanbul, Worldmax, Ahead and Roc Soc products.. We had a great day last week with Barry Race (owner) who showed us round his fantastic warehouse and brought us up to speed with all the new lines and some great bargains for us to pass onto you…. Thanks Barry!!

craviotto snare drums drumshop uk

Istanbul cymbals – we pick our own.

Here at Drum Shop UK we hand selected all of the Istanbul cymbals which come into our shop, by hand picking the cymbals we ensure that only the best sounding cymbals go to our customers. We believe that Istanbul cymbals are without doubt the most personal cymbal you will ever own.

Win the Istanbul cymbals – yipee…..Win Istanbul Cymbal Set

Craviotto Drums – we pick our own.

BR Distribution are the sole distributors of these beautiful hand crafted all American drum kits. Craviotto are the very best in drum kits and Drum shop uk are europe’s largest stockist of these elegant drum kits. Guess what? Yes, we select all the drum kits that we think our customers would like to play (with the help of Barry, of course).. We love Craviotto!
WorldMax Snare Drums – we pick our own.

WorldMax were established in1991 by ex-Pearl employee David Lo and his wife Susan. David had nearly 20 years experience as a supervisor in the Pearl drum factory but felt that he could put his manufacturing skills to better use and so formed his own manufacturing business. WorldMax snare drums look and sound amazing. Using high quality hardware and a range of shell types, it is hard to find a better sounding selection of drums at such incredible prices.

AHEAD Accessories – we pick our own.

Here we can pick out from a vast variety of accessories including drumsticks, rods, brushes, mallets, practice pads, stick bags, gloves, grip tape, etc… The list goes on…

Ahead accessories at the drumshop

Chalklin Percussion Mallets – we pick our own.

Yes folks, we are not just a shop set up for the Rock 'n’ Rollers.. We take our time with BR Distribution to make sure that we get the right timpani mallets to tubular bell hammers. We try our very best to accommodate all areas of percussion.

Roc N Soc Drum Thrones – we pick our own.

If you are spending a lot of time behind that fantastic drum kit you need to be comfortable and that is what Roc N Soc are all about. Their seats are world renown for their comfort and support. Designed to promote good circulation which allows greater freedom and movement.

A Big Thank You to BR Distribution for your time and help.

You can see many more products that BR Distribution distribute by clicking on the link BR Distribution Limited

Cindy Blackman cymbals at the drumshop

Craviotto drums at the drumshop

craviotto drums at the drumshop

Roc and Soc at the drumshop uk

world max snare at the drumshop uk

istanbul cymbals pack at the drumshop

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