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The Sakae Tour Is Upon Us!

Posted by Maisie . on 23rd February 2016

Get the Gossip here!

As you all know, we are welcoming the Sakae Tour into Drum Shop UK. The tour will take place in-store at Drum Shop UK (Unit 11, Industrial Road Hertburn, Washington,NE37 2SF) on Monday 29th February 2016, doors open at 6:30pm and the event starts at 7:00pm. Tickets are £5 but we're giving a number away for FREE! All you have to do to claim your free ticket is follow me @Maisie_Drumshop and tweet me with Free Ticket Please! #drumshopuk #SakaeTour I will then message you with details!

Sakae drum clinic at drumshop

Jonathan Joseph

The tour will be headlined by the amazing Jonathan Joseph, best known as the drummer for Joss Stone and Jeff Beck. At just six years old, Jonathan Joseph began playing drums in church services, it was here where he obtained his solid background in music through playing Gospel and Jazz. He is an internationally known Sakae artist, so we are very honoured that he is joining us on this tour! 

As well as performing on his Sakae kit, Jonathan will also be demonstrating rhythms from his new publication ‘Exercises in African-American Funk’.

“Though I’ve been a professional player for many years, I have always remained an avid student of the art of drumming. With 'Exercises in African-American Funk' I hope drummers will discover their own unique voices through studying and creating a fusion between the ancient Cameroonian rhythms of Mangambe and Bikutsi along with modern funk, shuffle and jazz concepts that reveal just how exciting musical drumming really can be.”

Frankie Tontoh

The tour will also include a very special guest indeed, the one and only Frankie Tontoh! If you haven't heard this name before, Frankie Tontoh has been the drummer for some very well known names from Amy Winehouse to George Michael. He has more than 30 years experience as a drummer/musical director for a variety of artists in a broad range of musical styles, 10 years of that was spent as Craig David’s musical director/drummer. Now, he is known as the drummer for the brilliant funk and soul band, Brother Strut and has recently recorded 2 Grammy-winning albums for the Colombian artist, Santiago Cruz. He has only recently joined the Sakae UK family, so we are really excited to welcome him! 

"It is truly an honour to be part of the Sakae family. The nature of the work I do, I need drums that are versatile in the studio and rugged for the road. For options and flexibility, Sakae’s stylish Celestial & Trilogy series offer the sound solutions for me."

We're really excited to have the privilege of being the first date of this tour! We can't wait to be involved with this drumming event and we hope you can all make it!

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