Protection Racket 47" x 16" x 10" Hardware Case

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Protection Racket 47" x 16" x 10" Hardware Case

Protection Racket 47” x 16” x 10” Hardware Case.

The sizes shown above are the EXACT internal dimensions of the hardware case designed wide and not too high for perfect distribution of your hardware.
This Protection Racket Case has internal straps which hold down your hardware and stop it from moving in transit.
This case will NOT require total dismantling of your booms and hi-hat stands, simply undo your wing nuts and push the arms down, removal of hi-hat rod is advisable to prevent it from bending
This case will hold up to a 7 piece kits worth of hardware with room to spare. It will also accommodate most drum racks.
This case requires positioning into the boot/trunk of your vehicle length ways.


  • Weight – 3.0kg
  • Internal straps
  • Quick & easy to pack items


  • 47“ x 16 × 10”


  • 5047-00
Protection Racket

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