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Sakae Snare Drums view items

Sakae Trilogy Black Oyster Pearl Snare Drum
Sakae, Japanese hand crafted snare drums now available from Drumshop UK!

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Craviotto Snare Drums
Craviotto snare drum are hand made from USA, mainly solid one ply shells as the vintage drums were made, high ...

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gretsch snare drums drumshop uk
With over 125 years of drum manufacturing, Gretsch snare drums are a sure force to reckon with.

Ludwig view items

Ludwig LB552K Snare Drum
Since 1909 Ludwig have been making drum kits and snare drums. From the Acrolite to the Black Beauty Special Edition…

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Premier Snare Drums
UK’s oldest drum manufactures come back with a vengeance. Premier snare drums are built from tradition and experience..

Yamaha Snare Drums view items

Yamaha Snare Drums
Yamaha snare drums are without doubt one of the finest snare drum available prices starting at around £99.00, lots of ...

Tama view items

A wide range of Tama Snare Drums coming to Drum Shop UK soon! Starphonic, S.L.P & Signature Series & many ...

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RAW Snare Drums
Raw custom snare drums are one of the coolest sounding and looking snare drums available in the custom drum market ...

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Pre Loved Snare Drums
Here we provide a selection of quality second hand snare drums at great prices

Dunnett Snare Drums view items

Dunnett Snare Drums
Dunnett Snare drums custom made snare drums from Canada. One of the worlds finest snare drum builders Ronn Dunnett…........

DrumCraft Snare Drums view items

DrumCraft Snare Drums
German engineered snare drums, that are created with soul to source your inspiration…

Pearl view items

Pearl are one of the worlds leading snare drum brands, signature series drums such as Joey Jordison and Chad Smith ...

Mapex view items

Mapex snare drums start at £69.00 and are the best selling drums at the moment 2011, Maple snare drums for ...

DW Snare Drums view items

DW Snare drums prices start at around £350.00. Maple, steel, birch, copper, bronze plus all other types of woods from ...

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WorldMax Snare Drums
World Max snare drums are Drum Shop UK’s most popular selling snare drum, prices starting at £89.00, great sounding snare ...

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Geo-Way Drum Company
The worlds finest kept snare drum secret. The legend Geo Way snare drums prices starting at £399.00 used by many ...