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Roland Demo Area Coming Soon!

Posted by Maisie . on 17th June 2013

Drum Shop UK And Roland Drums.

If you received our recent e-mail shot, you’ll have already heard that we’re now the North Easts largest stockist of all Roland Electronic products! We have everything from the TD-4KP to the TD-30KV in stock right now and set-up ready for you to come and try out!

roland electronic drums drumshop uk

It’s All About Roland…

We’ve been working on our Roland drum kit corner for a few months now and it’s looking awesome… better than I ever imagined! With deliveries coming in weekly, we’re stocking up on loads of cool products that we know are in high demand, so you’ll no longer have to wait for your Roland drum kit, chances are we’ll have it ready to send out to you right away… Even express delivery if you’d like!

Not only do we have numerous Roland drum kits in stock but we also have loads of Roland accessories and spare parts, such as PM-10 Amplifiers, Roland RH-200 Headphones and various mesh heads and trigger pads.

Work In Progress…

We’ve almost finished our Roland display, all we need now is to get the rest of the electronic drum kits set-up and plugged in ready to play! Take a look at the photos to the right to see how the Roland corner is coming along so far. They’ll also be loads of leaflets and brochures you can have a look through, or use one of the IPads situated on the front desk and search for the products on the Drumshop website for more information!

Is Roland For Me?

No matter what stage of your drumming career you’re at, whether you’re a serious beginner, a professional gigging dummer or even if drumming is just a hobby, Roland have a drum kit to suit every drummers needs!

Not only do Roland deal in drums but also Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards and more, with artists world wide playing these top-quality products, Roland has built a positive reputation and have been a trusted brand for many years now.

Roland Artists…

Did you know Roland went on tour with Take That, with Howard Donald playing now discontinued Roland V-Drums TD-20KX and Gary Barlow trying out the Roland AX-Synth.

Other Roland artists include…

  • Al Murray, Michael Schack,
  • John 'JR’ Robinson

and of course…

  • Craig Blundell, who has held Roland drum clinics here at Drumshop.

What Are You Waiting For?!

As I mentioned above, we have a wide range of these electronic drum kits in stock here at Drumshop so why not pop in store and try before you buy? All of the Drumshop team have received training on Roland products and are more than happy to help you out with any questions you might have… They know their stuff!

Drumshop’s Tim has been trying out Rolands TD-15KV today and was impressed with how realistic it felt… Maybe the TD-15 drum kit could be a new addition to your collection Tim?!

Maisie :)

Drum Shop UK Roland Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Shop UK Roland Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Shop UK Roland Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Shop UK Roland Electronic Drum Kit

drumshop uk roland electronic drum kits

roland electronic drum kits drumshop uk