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These are the lucky people who have recently won in our latest competitions and giveaways.

Craviotto Private Reserve Snare Drum Raffle, January 2024 Winner - David Newman

SONOR Kompressor Snare Drum, November 2023 Winner - Edward Docherty

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, November 2018 Winner – Thomas Lee

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, October 2018 Winner – Sarah Kerry

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, September 2018 Winner – Ash Turner

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, August 2018 Winner – Dan Fairlamb

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, July 2018 Winner – Noah Plant

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, June 2018 Winner – Luke (The Fillers)

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, May 2018 Winner – Dylan Thompson

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, April 2018 Winner – Nik Alevroyiannis

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, March 2018 Winner – Kate Kuziakina

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, February 2018 Winner – Tom Ferguson

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, January 2018 Winner – Johnnie Walker

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, December 2017 Winner – Jan Stefan Simonsen

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, November 2017 Winner – Wil Wainwright

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, October 2017 Winner – Alex Denton

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, September 2017 Winner – Matt Green

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, August 2017 Winner – Matt Hamlyn

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, July 2017 Winner – Kriss Turnbull

#DrumShopUK Instagram Competition, June 2017 Winner – Jason Pinder

Win a DrumCraft Lignum Series Beech Snare Drum, April 2012 Winner – Luke Underwood

Win a Meinl Aaron Gillespie Artist Series 24” Combo BagMarch 2012 Winner - Anthony Pearson.

Win Ahead Armor Ogio Hardware CaseFebruary 2012 WinnerChris Lea

Win Istanbul ART20 Cymbal Pack, January 2012 Winner - John Brennan

Win an Alesis DM6, September to December 2011 Winner - Joe Underwood

Win a DG Cajon, August 2011 Winner - Gavin Griffiths

Win a Pair of Pro Mark Drum Sticks (20 Available), July 2011 Winners: 
Graham Naunton, Robert Hovell, Luke Szotysek, Ben Kelly, Andy Kelly, Luke Underwood, Joe Scuderi, Mathew Larkin, Nicky Caulfields, Joe Green, Justin Edwards, Owen Taylor, John Leefe, Carlton Idle, Mark Prescott, Mike Gilbourne, Ian Benn, Malcolm McKay, Simon Burrows and David McQuillan.

Win an Ahead Armor Snare Case (5 Available), Winners:
Dave 'Nato’ Hazelwood, Mike Tester, David Duke, Nathan Todd and Dan Young.

Win a Dream Lion Cymbal (3 Available), Winners:
Nathan Flaherty, Ash Springle and David Pratt.

Win a Mapex Black Panther Phat Bob Snare Drum, Winner - Chris Hemming*

Win a Gretsch Catalina Jazz Drum Kit, Winner - Mick Davis

Winner Profile: Another winner of Drum Shop UK’s competition, Micky 'mad dog’ Davis was delighted to receive the news that he had won a Gretsch Drum Kit!!! Mick who has spent the last few years playing in and around Spain was another happy winner, lucky for us that Micky was in the UK to receive his prize!

Win The Istanbul Xist Box Set, Winner - Joolz Form

Winner Profile: Julian Form is a well respected Educator from North Yorkshire and has a passion for drums since he was tiny. The cymbals were won by entering the Drum Shop UK competition, its really simple all you have to do is register onto our mailing list and you will be automatically entered each month to win some super prizes. Joolz commented 'This is fantastic I had never won anything in my life, cheers guys’.

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