New To Drumming?

A must-read for all new drummers!

Understanding Drumming.

Whether you're a parent looking for a starter drum kit for your child, a new drummer that would like some advice on which drum kit is best for you, or maybe you've always fancied yourself as a drummer but never took it up?!

Well, if any of the above apply, you're in the right place! Here at Drumshop UK, we realise that the world of drumming can be a confusing place, with 100's of different drum kits to choose from with different brands, different materials, different sizes, and not to mention all the different colours and finishes! Well, we're here to help and we hope that this page does just that... But if you still feel like you need some advice or have some more questions, we're just a phone call away - 0191 418 7113 :)

Useful Information For New Drummers.

Firstly, lets talk about some simple drumming vocabulary! We always hear people ask...

'What is the difference between a shell pack, a drum kit and a drum set?'

A drum kit or drum set typically means that the drums, the stands and (sometimes) the cymbals are included in the package. A shell pack usually means you will only receive the drums, meaning no stands or cymbals will be included.

'Drums' - You'll find that the majority of starter drum kits comprise of 5 drums, a bass drum (the biggest one which is played with your foot by pedal), x2 toms (which typically sit above your bass drum held up by tom arms), a floor tom (a drum which stands up by it's three floor tom legs) and finally, a snare drum (which is typically 13" or 14" in diameter and sits on a snare drum stand).

'Cymbals' - Beginner drum kits tend to come complete with a 3-piece cymbal set, which typically consists of a crash cymbal, a ride cymbal and a pair of hi hat cymbals.

'Hardware' is a word used for the cymbal stands, drum stands, tom arms, seats, pedals, basically, all the stands and equipment you need to complete your drum kit. Most entry-level drum kits will come complete with all the hardware you need.

Electronic or Acoustic?

We offer a wide range of both electronic and acoustic drum kits for beginner drummers, it's up you which you'd prefer. Advantages of electronic drum kits is that they are usually compact, meaning they wont take up too much room in your house. They also allow for silent playing, so you can plug your headphones in and play without disturbing the neighbours! Acoustic drum kits are also a popular choice for up and coming drummers, especially drummers who are looking to join a band and go gigging. There are products for acoustic drum kits such as the Evans sound off pads and Vic Firth mute pads which fit on your drums for silent playing.

Drum Lessons?

We hold drum lessons here at Drumshop UK though Drumstars! Drumstars offers top quality drum tuition for all ages  We have three state of the art drum booths in store, each equipped with two of the latest Yamaha electronic drum kits, one drum kit for the drum student and one for the drum tutor. People of all ages and levels come to Drumstars for drum lessons. We're a friendly bunch and we welcome everyone, so if you're interested just give us a shout! You can read more about the Drumstars drum booths by clicking here. 

Or get right to it and Book my lesson! (remember, we're based in Tyne & Wear, North East England, so please check out our contact page for a map with directions!)

How do I set-up my drum kit?

Video coming soon! Did you know, we can show you how to set-up your drum kit? Just give us a call on 0191 418 7113 and we can arrange a time for you to come in store :)

Take Your Pick...

We have a wide range of beginner drum kits available on the drumshop website, each product has it's own description, which explains more about that particular drum kit including sizes and colours. Check out the links below of some of our recommended first drum kits!

Maybe you have a hand-me-down drum kit but need some new cymbals? Check out the list below of popular beginner cymbals .


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