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Pearl Update From NAMM 2013

Posted by Andy Anderson on 19th February 2013

Pearl Booth At NAMM.

Pearl Drum Kits.

Have you heard? The Pearl Export is back! After disappearing for years, the newly designed, feature-packed Export series has taken over the Vision series. Not only do the Export kits have a whole new and exciting appearance but also come complete with a totally new line of hardware including the new for 2013 Pearl Demonator pedal.

Pearl Export Pure White Drum Kit 2013 the drumshop uk

The Pearl Export is known for being the best selling drum kit of all time, and now it’s back after having a makeover, it’s going to be as popular as ever! The Export drum shells have been created from premium popular with an inside ply of asian mahogany. The Pearl Export is the only drum in it’s price range with these blended shells. Pearl always 'Put sound first’ and after learning from the Pearl Reference drum kits, an inner ply of mahogany brings a big, full bodied sound that can’t be beaten! This new drum kit comes in 5 beautiful finishes…

  •     #21 Smokey Chrome
  •     #31 Jet Black
  •     #33 Pure White
  •     #91 Red Wine
  •     #702 Electric Blue Sparkle

The new 3-point Opti-Loc tom mounting system means you can position the tom easily and each time the badge will face forward. The rubber isolators allow the shell to vibrate freely, supplying maximum sustain and resonance. This goes for the low mass lugs also, minimum shell contant means an all round better sound. The old Pearl Export drum kits came with Pearl 800 series hardware, so it’s only right that the new Exports have a new 800 series to match, now called the 830 series.

Other Pearl Drums Kit Updates…

Reference Pure:

New Finishes #368 Black Silver Burst & #377 Scarlet Sparkle Burst.

Reference Series:

New Finishes #368 Black Silver Burst & Ultra Blue Fade

Masters MCX:

New Finishes #388 Shamrock Green & #810 Ash Fade Tamo

Session Studio Classic:

New Finishes #106 Antique Ivory & #389 Matte Liquid Amber

Vision VBL:

New Finishes #243 Prussian Blue & #244 Natural Black Burst

Pearl Hardware.

All of the Pearl cymbal stands feature either a gyro-lock or uni-lock tilter, even with the lower end models. The new Pearl boom stands can also be used as straight stands and have a 3 tier structure, unique features for this price range. The 1000 and 2000 series cymbal stands come with a choice of felts, each with different level of hardness which bring you different cymbal sounds.

s1030 Pearl Snare Drum Stand at the drum shop uk

The 2000 series boom stand comes complete with telescopic arm and detachable counterweight. Research has found that cymbals sound different depending on the position/height of the stand they’re mounted on. Pearl have acted upon this and added a marking system on the 2000 cymbal stands top tier indicating where the cymbal sounds best. The 2000 hardware comes with interchangeable feet, so you can change to a spiked foot should the surface you’re playing on need them.

The 1000 tom arm now features the Pearl gyro-lock for better positioning making setting up quick and easy.

Pearl has now introduced two new lower-end drum thrones, the D730S and D930 both of which come with round tops. The D730S has a single braced tripod base whereas the D930 comes with a trident double braced base. Both models are stable and sturdy and great for their price.

The 800 series S830 snare drum stand comes complete with uni-lock system and trident base. The new 900 series S390D snare drum stand has the air suspended rubber tips which keeps the snare safe whilst it’s being played. The higher-end 1000 Series S1030 features the basket of 2000 and easily adjusted gyro-lock tilter. The S1030 model also comes with the detachable feet mentioned above.

The new for 2013 hi hat stands include the H830 (available with the new Pearl Export drum kit) and the H930 from the 9000 series. Both hi hats stands have the swivel system, allowing you to position the pedal and legs to a angle that’s comfortable for your playing. The H930 hi hat stand also features a tension dial for easy adjusting and the Demon drive pedal.

Pearl Demonator Pedal.

The Demonator pedal has been designed by taking characteristics from the 2009 Pearl Eliminator and Demon Drive. This single chain pedal features the Powershifter long foot board from the Demon pedal and the removable, interchangeable cam from the Eliminator. The Demonator’s 2-faced beater is infinitely adjustable meaning you’re able to customise your pedal to your preferred feel and power. The Demonator single pedal comes with the new 930 and 830 Hardware Packs. You won’t find another pedal like the Demonator at such a reasonable price!

A Demonator Double Pedal and Double Pedal Conversion Kit are also available.

Pearl Demoanator Pedal NAMM 2013 at the drumshop uk

Pearl Export Electric Blue Sparkle NAMM 2013

Pearl Masters Drum Kit in Shamrock Green at the drum shop uk


A special thankyou to Mike Dolbear for the videos.

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