Our Story

Drum Shop

We are one of the leading drum retailers in the UK and Europe. The company, established in Gateshead in 1993, has recently grown into additional premises boasting 4000sqft with one of the finest collections of drums and percussion instruments in the UK. Our Drum Shop offers everything from basic beginner drum kits to the highest quality exclusive percussion products. Featured on display are a number of collectable pieces including a Trixon Telestar kit used by Bill Hailey and the Comets and a Premier red sparkle kit played by Steve White for The Who at Live 8.

Like our clients, Drum Shop staff are all passionate and committed musicians who live and breathe drums. The Drum Shop offers an unrivalled level of personal care and are committed to offering the best shopping experience either in-store or online.

We have watched many of our young players from the age of seven grow to become highly accomplished players, many achieving status at Berkley College of Music in Boston. The Drum Shop is a preferred supplier for TV, radio and supports live productions including ranging from pantomimes to the European MTV awards.

Andy Anderson, a Director of Newcastle Drums limited T/A Drum Shop has a strong passion and love of drumming and has over 25 years experience in the industry. Drum Shop staff are fully trained musicians in their specialist field from Rock n Roll drum kits to Samba and Marching band with even a Saxophone and bass player is on-hand to provide assistance and advice.

Although the Drum Shop’s core business is within the Rock n Roll sector, the company has a range of long-term relationships with key accounts including educational authorities.

There is so much to add within this section but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us an email, from a tension rod for a drum kit to a full backline set up at the Royal Albert hall simply drop us a line.

Drum Shop is a trading name of Newcastle Drums Limited