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Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip Drumstick Wax


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Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip Wax Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip Wax is a gripping aid that would make even the chunkiest of... More

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Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip Wax

Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip Wax is a gripping aid that would make even the chunkiest of gorillas able to grip their drumsticks! Rosin is most commonly extracted from pines and once it has been naturally refined this is the base for the pick and stick grip wax. This is used as the base because for one it isn't sticky or gooey, so it doesn't leave your hand feeling like it's covered in golden syrup, which let's face it is something we know you look for when purchasing drumstick wax! But a reason much more important than that is the fact that the refined tree rosin reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output, this means that it allows you to maintain a steady grip on objects that are hard to keep a grip of, such as drumsticks and guitars picks. It is perfect for musicians who need that extra bit of grip, because not only does it give you enhanced grip it adds flexibility and efficiency to your playing routine.

The one thing we can guarantee you're all wondering is, well how do I get it off? Because it's all well and good getting it on and using it to grip my sticks or picks but what do I do when I want to remove the wax? Well don't you guys worry it is actually really simple! Gorilla Snot keeps an even consistency for the time you are using it, but as soon as you've finished, separate your fingers, wait up to 1 minute and it should naturally dissolve. In the same breath because it is so easily removable it can't stain your clothes or kit because it is permeable to open air.


  • Gripping aid
  • Even consistency when in use
  • Created using naturally refined tree rosin
  • Perfect for use on drumsticks or guitar picks
  • Not sticky or gooey
  • Easily removable 
  • Permeable in open air


  • AGRS

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